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Over 30 years of experience in negotiating contracts and providing customized, select legal services for design professionals and their insurance providers in the architectural design and engineering industry.


Our Approach & Philosophy

Increasingly, design professionals are facing demands by clients that the firm assume unrealistic and inappropriate risks. The need for creative contractual solutions which both allow the firm to “get to yes” with a healthy percentage of contractual engagements (while also maintaining a reasonable risk-reward balance) is increasing.

At PLC, our approach to the Cost of Risk (“CoR”) is viewed from three perspectives: business opportunity, risk prevention, and loss mitigation.

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Our Services

Contract Reviews

PLC’s contract review services can be subdivided into two categories: internal contract review and external contract review.

Risk Management Process Services

These services include Contract audits, RM process reviews and RM process design or revision.

Customized Training

All training procedures are tailor-made for the client, with the client’s active participation.

Claim Services

We provide Pre-claim/potential claims services and are well experienced in the early assessment of potential claim situations.

Claim Audits

Claim audits are free-standing services which can be folded into a variety of other products, such as RM assessments, designs, etc.

Other specialized matters

A broad range of other specialized services can be provided by or through PLC.

PLC Leadership

Dr. Karl J. Duff

PLC has more than three decades of experience in negotiating contracts for design professionals.

Founded by Dr. Karl J. Duff, PLC’s ability to foster trusted partnerships with clients drives to client success.

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